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Giant Angora
 Giant angoras are the largest breed of angora and they give the most wool.  They are bred from the German angoras and they can't be beat for wool production.  They can give 2-4lbs of wool per year if sheared on a regular 3-4 month schedule.  In full coat they are quite an impressive sight. 
    They are only recognized in white so far as being able to show them goes. 
   We  raise them in white and colored but colored giants are not showable at this time. 
    Their wool is exellent for spinning and they are a very easy care non matting rabbit that if kept sheared every 3 months or so, requires very little grooming.
English Spots
English Spots are a marked breed that are alot of fun to raise as you never know what you will get in a litter.  Trying to get that perfectly marked animal with just the right markings and just the right spots in just the right place is quite the challenge.  They are the ultimate show rabbit when you do get that almost perfect rabbit. 
 You will get lots of mismarked,charlies,and selfs and can fill your freezer very quickly on the quest for the perfect animal. 
 I do not recommend them if you can not cull your animals for meat as they usually have good sized litters and are very good mothers. They also grow pretty quickly for a smaller breed and are a nice tempered rabbit as well.
  We raise chocolates and golds  and try to have some animals available most of the time.
These were the surprize breed for us.  We hadn't planned on them we just kind of happened into them when we brought home a little black "meat rabbit" from a poultry auction in the fall of '05
 Fully intending to use it for meat I made the mistake of "looking at it" before putting it down for meat.  Well it was a mistake I never regretted making as she was one of the most beautiful little "meat rabbits" I had seen in awhile and I new there was a breed that she resembled with that cobby little body and shiny coat. 
 After looking in the Standard book I new I was looking at a lovely little  Havana doe.  Being I didn't have a buck I waited till the following spring at our NEPA show found a nice choc buck to go with her.  At the same show there just happened to be a couple Havana does in the raffle so I put my a ticket in each one and just my luck I won one of them, a registered choc doe.  So I guess this breed was just meant to be here!
   We've found them to be a very mellow pleasent tempered rabbit.  And surprizingly that little"meat rabbit" has produced some very nice show and meat rabbits.
   They grow very quickly for a small breed and make a nice meat fryer in 10-12 wks.
    We raise all 3 colors, black,blue & choc and in the near future will be starting a broken colored line. We try to have some available most of the time.
   The Thriantas were love at first sight.  I've always been extremely fond of the red coloring and had been trying to find some red new zealands so that I could start my red angora project again. 
 Looking at a website of a lady that raised giant angoras I saw she was trying to make red giants also but she mentioned a red rabbit called Thrianta. I had never heard of them and She didn't have a pic of one so I looked on the internet.  When I finally found some pics it truly was love at first sight.  They were the most beautiful intense shade of red I had ever seen on a rabbit and knew I would have some as soon as I could find some at the shows.
  It just so happened that some people that we had known for years that raised rabbits were at a NY show that we were at and found out that they raised these lovely red rabbits.  They were interested in getting some of our sheep for meat so we did some bartering and soon had some Thriantas in the barn.  
   We have found these little beauties to be very good mothers and very easy to breed.  Most are pretty nice tempered although some of the does can be a bit grouchy.  And like the Havanas are very quick growers and make a nice meat rabbit in 10-12 wks. 
   The only down side to them that we've found is that, after watching some shows, we see that there is a need to cull this breed very heavily.  Being they are a new breed there is a lot of poor quality animals being sold and shown.  But with very heavy culling(we, our dogs & cats, and our customers all love rabbit meat) we are coming up with some pretty nice babies in our litters.  Its only 1 or 2 in a litter that is good enough to keep or sell but in a few years we should have this breed up to the quality that they should be.  We will have some available for sale throughout the year but will be limited for awhile until we work our numbers and quality up.  We don't sell junk!
Standard Chinchillas
  We will be getting our Standard Chins this summer(07) so won't have any babies available probably until late winter or spring of '08.  If you are interested in getting some let us know and we will put you on our waiting list.
   We have been wanting to get Standard Chins back again as we had raised them back in the '90s and loved them but were having some problems with buck teeth and severe conformation faults.  We could not find any unrelated breeding stock at the time and had poor luck getting them to breed so we finally, with much regret, gave them up.
   Now with the help of the internet we finally were able to find some but are waiting for them to be born and raised up to weaning so we can bring them home.
   We are finding that the older breeds of rabbits including the 3 breeds of chins are starting to make a comeback with the help of the internet and dedicated breeders getting the word out that these breeds need help and need people to start raising them again.
We are hoping to get some Americans this year.  They are the rarest breed in the US and are desperately in need of breeders to raise them.
  We have never even seen an American except in pictures, and we can't wait to get them.   We are hoping to at least find 1 or 2 pairs of them to work with.  Check back later this year to see our new buns.

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