Grassfed Meats & Eggs

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  Grassfed meats are the healthy alternative to factory farmed meats found in your local grocery store.  It is healthier for the animals, the farmer, the consumer and the environment.  Check out some of the reasons why below :
The Animals
   The animals are out on fresh, green, growing grass and browse.  Greens have lots of vitamins and minerals which in turn goes into the animals giving their meat and eggs much more of these goodies. Plus because greens don't have alot of calories the animals remain much leaner and the fat that is on them has a lot of healthy benefits (high levels of CLA-conjugated liniolic acid a proven cancer fighter, and Omega 3 fatty acids ect). For more info on health benefits of grassfed meats visit
   The animals are much happier and healthier because they are outside where they can walk, run and play in a large area where they can reap the benefits of fresh air and sunshine.  Because of this grassfed animals rarely have health problems.  Our animals, like the farmer, have a rest period during the winter also much like nature intended.  Because of this rest our animals generally will produce for many more years than conventionally raised animals.
The Farmer
  The farmer, much like his animals, gets to take care of his animals outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  Because the animals put their manure outside on the pasture where it belongs instead of inside a building that is dust and ammonia laden, the farmer has much less of a workload and has a much healthier environment to work in plus his pastures are fertilized naturally.  This actually gives the farmer a life and he can actually enjoy his work even when he does have some long days (haying, processing animals, ect). 
  Because grassfarmers get their animals to have their babies in the spring in sinc with nature they actually get a few months rest during the winter which gives his mind and body a chance to rest and regroup to get ready for the springtime again.  And grassfarmers actually love farming unlike many farmers with conventional factory farms.  This all leads to a less stressful happier lifestyle.
The Consumer
  The consumer gets to support the healthy happy lifestyle of the farmer and his animals which makes him feel good that he is supporting a good thing.  He also gets the benefits of the delicious, healthful meats and eggs which keeps him healthier and much less stressed and he doesn't have to feel guilty about eating them.  The consumer also gets the benefit of knowing he is supporting a healthier environment and healthier eating habits for himself and his children for generations to come. 
The Environment
Animals raised on grass do not pollute the land, air and water like conventional factory farms and feedlots. Because grassfarmers rotate their pastures there is not as much erosion as their would be from animals that are in the same pasture all of the time.  The lush grass produced from rotational grazing encourages prey wildlife which in turn feeds the predator animals which helps to keep them from munching on the farmers livestock.

An angora rabbit in a grazing cage

NOTE- Not all of the meats are available all of the time. Some are more seasonal like the pork and lamb.  Please contact us to find out wether the meat you are wanting is available.
Prices subject to change without notice. Note:  Due to the extreme increases in price of just about everything in the past year or two we have had to up our prices a bit this year.  We are trying to keep them reasonable but have to be able to afford to have and feed them. 
 The various birds are especially costly to feed as they have to have grain even though they are out on grass.  The natural minerals that we put into our feed have doubled in price in the past 1-2 yrs and so has the price of hay due to high gas prices.
EGGS - $3 doz.  These eggs come from healthy happy pasture raised hens. The eggs are from our heritage breed chickens and not those unnatural hybrid egg laying machines that are worn out by 1 or 2 yrs of age.  We raise breeds that lay several different shades and colors of eggs so we usually have rainbow dozens of eggs for sale.  Because our birds are not hybrids their eggs are not as large but they are much richer and the yolks more orange because they are better foragers.
PORK -  We will be offering pork available in whole, halves, and quarters.  If interested please order soon.   Prices will be by the hanging weight: whole-$2.25 lb,  half-$2.50, quarter-$3 lb.  An average pig will dress out in the 150-200 lb range hanging weight. Price includes processing costs.
RABBIT-  Rabbit meat is available packaged whole or cut up.  We usually have grassfed rabbit available from late May to Nov or Dec depending on the weather. Note: If it is an extremely wet year we will not put the rabbits out on grass as they  do very poorly on wet ground and wet grass.   We will raise them instead in large wooden bottomed cages or stalls on the ground with lots of free choice hay, some rabbit pellets and as much grass as possible picked by hand. 
Young rabbits dress out approximately 2-3 lbs and are $3.50lb whole rabbits only
Occasionally we have adult rabbits for sale also. They will dress out at 3-6lbs depending on the breed. Please inquire about these as they are not available all of the time and are limited in numbers.  $2.50lb. Whole rabbits only.
CHICKEN- Our chickens are a tasty healthy alternative to the horribly raised, bland tasting factory farmed chicken from the store.  We raise heritage breed chickens so they are not quite as heavy as the commercial Cornish Crosses but they also don't have the health and leg problems that plague the cornish. The meat has a much better flavor because they are not forced to grow unnaturally fast.  We hatch and raise our own chickens so we know what goes into them and the parent stock from start to finish.  We rarely lose a bird due to their extreme good health and hardiness.***NOTE*** By purchasing these chickens you are helping to save old rare breeds that are on the verge of extinction!
  Chickens are raised to approx  3-4 months and dress out about 2 1/2 to 4lbs each and are $2.50 per lb.  They are packaged whole only.
NOTE : We have decided to raise some commercial type meat chickens also as they can be raised sooner than the old breeds.  They will be raised out on grass the same as the heritage breeds and will be offered for $2 lb.  They dress out approximately 3-5 lbs each.
LAMB- Our lamb is from icelandic sheep.  They are a very old breed that we raise out on grass without the need for grain. There is no gamey taste and the meat is extremely mild and delicious tasting.  You wouldn't know you were eating lamb if you tried it and weren't told what it was.  Everyone that tries it raves over the taste.
Whole lamb- $5 lb
Half lamb -   $ 5.50 lb
We occasionally have some older animals that need to be culled and are available mostly in the fall.   $3lb  THESE MAKE GREAT PET FOOD
KID GOAT- We got back into goats again in the last couple years as we wanted to have our own milk supply again as well as some for meat.    The supply of goat kids will be very limited this year as I plan on keeping  many of the doe kids this year. 
Whole kid goat- $4.50lb
Half kid goat-    $5lb
Since it is very hard to find totally pasture raised goats especially dairy goats  we had to buy conventionally raised ones and show them how to live without grain (not fun as they fought me all the way!)
  I still have to give them some grain when I am milking them as they absolutely refuse to go on the milk stand without it plus they started to dry themselves up so I was forced to start them on a small amount of it again.
  Along with the grain demanding arrogant attitudes came a multitude of other troubles.   Extremely aggressive temperaments towards other goats, so much so that they killed one of the doe kids that I had in with them, as well as bitten and torn ears and butted each other so hard that several have come up limping.  We also had 5 out of 6 of the adult does come up with abcesses.   Because of these troubles all of the goats are being kept seperate from our sheep and will not be allowed out on pasture with the sheep but instead are in a pen by themselves.  They will be fed mostly hay and a little grain.
The kids will be taken away at birth and raised on a CAE and Abcess free program and fed pasturized milk or milk replacer and raised out with our sheep.
This will eliminate most of the health problems that the parents have and then over the next couple of years as the doe kids grow up and start to milk I will eliminate the adults.
DUCK-  The duck is from our own home raised Buff Ducks.  They are an older breed that grow quickly and are nice sized plump tasty duck when they are dressed out.  They are a very pretty pastel pinkish buff color.
They dress out at about 3 - 4 1/2 lbs ea
Whole duck-$3 lb- whole only
GOOSE- We decided to try some geese this year and like them quite well.   We only have some cross breeds right now as purebred geese are quite expensive to buy, plus we have never had geese before and just wanted to see if we liked them or not.
  They turned out to be very pleasent smart birds that are very easy keeping and do a lot of grazing out on grass.  They eat a whole lot less grain and a whole lot more grass than the ducks do so were very pleasently surprized with them. 
They also grow very quickly so make nice young meat birds. 
 The only fault with them is they do not produce as many eggs as ducks do so the supply will be limited  for the next few years.
  We may decide to get some purebreds in the next few years but it will take a while to decide on a breed as there are some very lovely breeds of geese out there. 
Whole goose- We will be holding the price of $2 lb for 2010.  They should dress out some where about 6-8 lbs but we are not sure as we haven't used any for meat yet.

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