Heritage Breed Poultry

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  I decided to raise rare heritage breed poultry when I found so many of the old breeds were on the verge of extinction.  
 Many of these breeds were very popular at one time and were exellent multi purpose breeds that were used for eggs, meat, and show as well as being useful backyard flock birds because of their versatility.
   The breeds that I raise are known for being good egg layers as well as being very good meat birds. They are also nice quality birds and I will be selecting for birds that conform to the NPA standards as well as birds that lay well as it is felt that good quality animals should be productive also.

One of our nice Houdan roosters

Mottled Houdans
  When I first saw a picture of a Mottled Houdan on the internet it was love at first sight.  The black coloring with the white tipped feathers drew me in, as I have always loved any kind of spotted animals.
Then topped off with the crazy looking tophat crests thats all it took to make me want some.
 The houdan is an old french  breed with five toes on each foot, a crest of feathers on the head and a beard of feathers on the underside of their neck.  Keeping these 3 qualities along with the correct mottling pattern will be quite the challenge and we look forward to raising them.  They are also known for having a delicious  meat.  They lay medium to large white eggs.
   We have found the houdans to be very lively, curious and playful birds and the hens can be quite friendly and talkative. They are also very good foragers out on pasture. They are hardy birds also with very few health troubles.
We have also found them to be exellent laying birds.
   We will only offer Houdan chicks 3 months of age or older as we want to be able to sell quality birds. They still need a lot of work to bring them up to standard quality so we will be raising as many as possible and culling heavily. 
If you are interested in ordering some of these birds let me know and I will put you on the waiting list.  
   These are also a unusual, unique french breed that also have five toes on each foot , have a beard and muff and are just beautiful large, friendly birds.  Do to not being able to find breeding stock in the past  I had sold off my birds. 
  I have finally located several breeders of quality faverolles and hope to add them to the lineup again this year.  I will be definitly getting the Salmon Favs again and possibly a few other colors. 
Check back later in the Spring/Summer to see if I have any extras available.

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